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Welcome to my Personal Page!

I am a graduate student in the Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology program at SUNY Albany. I hold an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from SUNY Cortland. Working with young children is what I live for; I love going to work to see my students each day! I currently work as an assistant in a Kindergarten class at a private school. I am so glad to be in my current school; I am working among many talented, excited teachers.

My past experience includes working in preschools, day cares, and substituting in public and private school settings. I have worked primarily with children aged three and under, so being in the CDIT program, as well as teaching Kindergarten, has broadened my understanding of how children of different ages and stages learn and behave. I am eager to explore wiki pages as an educational tool.

Linsey Bland's Portfolio

Developing Preschool Number Sense