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Tutorial Videos from YouTube

If you are new to wiki, begin with these videos:

  • Wikis in Plain English It shows the process and idea. But the specific buttons may look different in different wiki tools.

Basic operations

How to edit a page

  1. Click the "Edit" page tab at the top of the page.
  2. Make changes to the text.
  3. Click the "Save page" button.

How to format a page

You can easily format a wiki page using the toolbar. See:

How to add links

If you want to link to a wiki-page in this site, include the exact title (copy it!) in your text and put it into "[[ ]]". To link to an external website:

  1. Go to Edit mode.
  2. Click the External Link icon (world and paper).
  3. Brackets will appear.
  4. In the brackets, type the exact URL or paste it from your browser.
  5. If you want the link to be attached to specific words, then type in the brackets after the URL one SpaceBar followed by the text you want to appear on your page. example: type UAlbany inside the brackets to get UAlbany

How to create a new page

To create a single new page, you may first think about its title, and put it into search. If no page matches your title, it will ask if you want to create this new page.

Most of the time, you'd want to start a new page from an existing page. You should first find the page that you want to link to your new page, edit that page and add a link in it (e.g., " Learning for fun "). Save that page, you'll see the "Learning for fun" shown in red. Click it and you'll start to create that page.

How to rename a page

Title of a wiki page is its unique ID. Be careful in naming your page. If you don't like a title, click the drop down arrow next to "Read," "Edit," and "View History." Choose MOVE, then give it a new title.

Can I delete a page

You can contact the manager/instructor who has this right.

How to add an image

Two steps:

  1. Upload: Go to Toolbox on the left, click upload file, browse your file and upload it. Copy/remember the exact file name. See this video: * upload a pitcture
  2. Show: Then go to your wikipage where you want the image to go to, edit that page, and click the image icon, type (paste) the exact file name of the image. For example, [[Image:test.jpg]]

A new tip re. how to add an image from the Internet to a wiki page: find an image online, right click on the image and copy its address, go to your page and paste the address into <img>address</img> (no space). Save, and this image will then be embedded into your page.

How to add a audio/video file

Following the same process as uploading an image. Edit the page you want it to go to, click the media file link icon, put the exact filename there. I encourage you to link to external video sites instead of uploading video files here, because they are often too big to handle.

How to use anchors

In our wiki-space, anchors = subheadings. To link to a subheading in a wiki page, you just add "#subheading name" after the page title. For example, "Main Page #About us" will link to the subheading "About us" of our Main Page.

More resources


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A Sand Box page for you to do all kinds of tests

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