New NSF Cyberlearning DIP grant: Connect Idea Threads Across Communities for Sustained Knowledge Building

Our Design and Implement proposal (DIP) submitted to NSF’s Cyberlearning program has been funded. This new four-year grant with a total funding of $1.34 million will develop a macro-layer collaborative platform for connecting idea threads across different communities. Drawing on recent advances of learning analytics, we will integrate a set of automated analysis tools to discover productive idea threads based on online discourse data, trace student contributions, and nurture idea connections. These technological innovations will enable new pedagogy to support knowledge-building discourse across communities and across time, connecting communities into a shared field in which shared bases of knowledge co-advance with each other and across communities (e.g., across classes addressing similar issues; across years of school).

See more information: award abstract from NSF; or the project page.

This project was highlighted in UAlbany’s news release , Times Union news, abc News10.