Our Research

The rise of a knowledge-based economy and society calls upon schools to produce a citizenry with deep knowledge, collaborative and creative capabilities, and other “21st century skills.” The Technology and Co-Creativity in Learning (TaCCL) Research Lab, directed by Dr. Jianwei Zhang at the University at Albany-SUNY, is dedicated to exploring new possibilities of engaging students in collaborative and creative knowledge work within and across disciplinary areas with the support of new technologies. Our current work focuses on:

  • Pedagogical innovation to foster collaborative knowledge-building processes (e.g. knowledge-building discourse and metadiscourse, opportunistic collaboration) that are essential to real-world knowledge-creating communities, with the goal of enabling sustained, collective trajectories of inquiry  across timescales and social levels;
  • Social and technological infrastructure (e.g. Idea Thread Mapper, cross-community knowledge spaces) to support sustained collaboration and creative work with ideas within and across communities;
  • Learning analytics and feedback tools to trace idea progress and interaction and foster sustained trajectories of inquiry;
  • Teachers’ engagement in principle-based design and innovation to enable sustained knowledge building among their students.